Do you love chocolate chip cookies? Of course you do! But do you love baking chocolate chip cookies? Possibly, but aren’t they just so much better when someone else bakes them for you? Well, when it’s Please and Thank You doing the baking, you know the cookies will always come fresh with that homemade taste that we all love!

Those freshly baked cookies and their “delicious consistency,” along with exquisite coffee and other treats, are what keep Please and Thank You’s loyal customers coming back, says owner Brooke L. Vaughn. Since Please and Thank You opened in May 2011, their cookies and coffee have been Louisville’s favorite and have generated tons of local and out-of-state fans! “The sign says ‘Kentucky's best chocolate chip cookie,’ but I think it's the world’s best chocolate chip cookie!” wrote one reviewer. “The cookies are perfectly baked with a slight crust to the outside and a moist center. Any time I travel to Louisville, this is a must!”


A cookie and coffee from Please and Thank You is also the perfect treat to snack on as you make your way through the Woman-Owned Walking Tour! Or, since their shop is conveniently located in the middle of our tour, Please and Thank You also serves as the perfect place to take a break and treat yo’self before you finish out the tour.

Please and Thank You’s mission is “to be a day maker,” Brooke says. And whether you kickstart your morning with one of their delicious coffees or stop by in the afternoon for a mid-day treat, it’s sure to make your day!


Please and Thank You is one of the stops on the Nulu woman-owned tour, hosted by Woman-Owned Wallet


Signature of Amanda Dare, owner and founder of Woman-Owned Wallet


Visit the Please + Thank You website here.