Happiness is a fresh manicure, perfect brows, and a warm neck wrap...and you can find all of that at Dollface Brows & Beauty! For three and a half years, owner Jess Harrison and her team at Dollface have been providing exceptional beauty services to clients in New York and Louisville! “Once I started school I fell in love with waxing, and brows became a passion,” Jess says. “As a makeup artist, I was always drawn to instant gratification services and built for speed beauty.”


If you’re looking for a way to practice some self-care, chances are Dollface has it! From brows to nails and everything in between, you can find your favorite form of self-care right here in NuLu! “Coming here to get your eyebrows or nails done isn't just about the ritual of having to get it done. It's about the experience,” wrote one customer in a Google review. “Coming here is usually the best part of my week. It's like a girls club for adults that you dreamed of as a little kid.”

That “girls club” vibe comes from Jess’s goal to make Dollface an empowering and welcoming haven for everyone who walks through the door. “You are welcome here,” Jess says. “You will leave happier than when you arrived. Grooming has never been so much fun!”


Dollface aims to enhance their customers’ inherent beauty, helping them feel empowered and beautiful in their own skin. “We try to create an environment where people feel that they can be unapologetically themselves and, at the same time, provide consistent and creative services to boot,” Jess says. “We all love what we do, and I think people can feel that in the studio and see that in our work.”

And if you’re looking for that Dollface glow every day, you can take home Dollface’s Hiya! Beauty products like their universal eyebrow pencil, clear grooming gel, and dual-sided highlighting pencil. “Our products are clean, cohesive and minimal,” says Jess. “They’re built to work in conjunction with each other and our core services for flawless results with minimal time tacked onto your morning routine!”


It might be surprising to hear that Jess runs another salon in New York City, but with its big city vibes and surplus of small businesses, the NuLu neighborhood is the perfect home for Dollface. “Every day that I step outside and look around at how many wonderful, thriving, small businesses surround me (SO MANY WOMAN-OWNED), I am filled with energy again and again,” Jess says. 


Dollface Brows and Beauty is one of the stops on the Nulu woman-owned tour hosted by Woman-Owned Wallet


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December 05, 2021 — Amanda Dougherty