Amanda Dare’s shop may have a monochromatic theme, but her personality is colorful enough to light up all of NuLu. The passionate fashion designer and owner of The New Blak incorporates that vivacious and bubbly charisma into every aspect of her business. Including also being the owner of the Woman- Owned Wallet and WOW Tour!

When Amanda first entered the fashion industry as a manager in fast fashion establishments, she was disheartened by the waste and the abuse she witnessed. “I learned about the environmental and human degradation that happens in the fast fashion world,” Amanda says. “I wanted to be a part of the fashion industry, but I didn’t want to do it in the same way that fashion companies have been doing it.”


Amanda knew there had to be a more sustainable, ethical way to produce garments that didn’t rely on the exploitation of seamstresses or the environment, but she isn’t the type of person to wait for someone else to come up with a solution. So, she did it herself. “I was working in fast fashion as part of this cycle that disgusted me,” Amanda says. “So eventually, I decided to leave and to just fully dive deep into the New Blak. And I’m so glad I did.”


At The New Blak, Amanda offers a radically transparent look into her production process. Most retailers are hesitant to admit who made the clothes they sell, but from the minute you walk into The New Blak, you know exactly who made your clothes. That’s because The New Blak doubles as a shopping lounge and a sewing studio, meaning that while you shop, you can actually watch seamstresses like Amanda sew the garments that are sold there. “We hand cut every single one of the pieces that go out to you, and we sew them in our studio as well,” Amanda says. “No matter what, you’re going to be interacting with your clothing every single time you come by. It’s a more interactive experience where you can have a deeper connection with your clothing and the women here in Louisville that make your clothing.”


Women flock to The New Blak for the promise of fashionable and flattering clothes that are also ethically and sustainably made. Fashion you can feel good about is addictive, but there’s another reason customers keep coming back- a very vivacious and bubbly reason. “Amanda is a fierce advocate for the women who work with her, her customers, and every woman she encounters,” one customer wrote in a review. “She uplifts everyone she comes into contact with and makes you feel beautiful and empowered.”

You can see that empowerment in action every time a member of Amanda’s girl gang walks into the shop. It’s not a business owner greeting a customer - it’s a sisterhood in the works. 


The New Blak is one of the stops on the Nulu woman-owned tour hosted by Woman-Owned Wallet.


Signature of Amanda Dare, owner and founder of Woman-Owned Wallet and The New Blak


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