Ethical and sustainable products are the way of the future, but you don’t have to be an established eco-queen to be smart about the products you’re using! You can easily incorporate ethical and sustainable alternatives into your everyday life, and Peace of the Earth is here to help you on your journey! “When you shop at Peace of the Earth, your purchase has a direct impact on the lives of artisans in developing countries,” says Leslie Delgado, owner of Peace of the Earth. “We have every type of gift imaginable including jewelry, home decor, children's items, chocolate, teas, and more— and everything is eco-friendly!”


If you’ve ever popped into Peace of the Earth, you probably remember them for their sweet-smelling shop. That’s because they hand make their amazing bath and body products in-store! “Everyone who walks in our door says that it is literally the best smelling place they have ever been,” Leslie says. “It is worth coming by just for a sniff!”

Leslie picked up her talent for making bath and body products after working as a baker for several years. “I decided to combine my love of mixing things with my passion for sustainability and began making natural artisanal soaps from my home in 2006,” Leslie says. “Over time, I began selling a full line of earth-friendly bath and body products at local art fairs and grocery stores. In 2011, I opened a retail storefront on Market Street in Nulu. Since then, I have expanded to include other handmade, eco-friendly, and fair trade items that compliment our product line and share our mission.”


When you switch out your everyday, single-use items for more sustainable options, you’re making a choice that will have a profoundly positive impact on the environment. But Peace of the Earth doesn’t just provide sustainable products, they also promote ethical consumption by supporting fair wages and safe working environments for all artisans across the globe, regardless of their nationality, race, sexual orientation, religion, or gender. “Every product that we carry has a story behind it,” says Leslie. “Find one that speaks to your heart.”


Peace of the Earth is one of the stops featured on the Nulu woman-owned walking tour hosted by Woman-Owned Wallet


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