You’ve probably heard of the “candy man”, but Muth’s Candies has always been owned and operated by a family of incredible candy women. “Muth’s was actually started by my great aunt and uncle in 1921,” says Martha Bennett Vories, the current owner of Muth’s. “My great uncle passed in the early 1950’s, and my grandmother and great aunt ran the business together for about 30 years. Then my grandmother ran the business with my mother until the mid 1990’s when it was then turned over to me.”

With that incredible legacy of women business owners, it’s no surprise Muth’s is still thriving nearly a century after it opened. “Our biggest achievement is simply lasting well into the fourth generation all while being run by female owners and primarily a female staff,” Martha says. “Statistically, only very few family businesses make it to this point, and I am very proud that I have kept the tradition going and the store is able to provide a future for my children.”


The other secret to Muth’s longevity is its delicious, handmade candies. With delectable treats like Old Fashion Kentucky Bourbons and Muth's Modjeskas as well as unique novelty treats like horseshoe shaped chocolates, Muth’s has become a classic Louisville staple. During the popular Easter and Christmas seasons, you’ll find even more novelty candies and delicious treats available in the shop. “Christmas and Easter are magical times of year around here, and if you asked any of our generational customers they would tell you the same,” Martha says.


Muth’s existed long before NuLu was the booming local business hub it is today, but it’s still the perfect fit for the unique and thriving community. “We are very proud to be turning 100 years old soon all while being on East Market Street and still using almost all original equipment,” Martha says. “Nulu is a community of makers, and I truly enjoy being surrounded by a collection of businesses that are all so unique and have great pride in what they make as well as their contributions to the community.”


It may seem cliché to say the secret to Muth’s unforgettable candies is love, but when you shop any small, family-owned business, the product will always be better because of the love and dedication put into it. “My grandmother always said she wanted the store to be a place where the staff was like family and the customers were friends, and I feel that I have striven for nothing less since the business was left in my hands”, Martha says. 

You can feel that love and dedication to family values the moment you catch a glimpse of Muth’s vintage storefront. The classic shop is an unchanging reminder of the power and persistence of honest and loving family businesses.


Muth's Candies is one of the stops on the Nulu woman-owned tour hosted by Woman-Owned Wallet


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December 05, 2021 — Amanda Dougherty