You’ve probably heard that, here in Kentucky, we don’t buy a Derby hat to match our dress... we buy a dress that matches our Derby hat. Sometimes, the process of finding a dress that brings out all the colors in your hat is fun. And sometimes, it’s impossible. Luckily, Melissa Huff, owner of Mamili, has the perfect solution! In addition to their wide-range of merchandise, Mamili offers “the complete Derby outfit from head to toe.” That means when you find your dream Derby hat or fascinator, you’re likely to also find the perfect dress and accessories to match!

Melissa’s business originally began as a pop-up shop called “Mad Hatter 502” where she sold Derby hats, fascinators, accessories, and home decor. Now, Mad Hatter 502 is part of Mamili. The same gorgeous hats and fascinators but with dresses to match! “I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and worked in retail management years ago, and it was always a dream of mine to own my own store,” Melissa says. “After we closed the pop-up store, I thought long and hard about my next step with Mad Hatter 502 and decided to open a boutique where we offered the complete Derby outfit.”


On top of stunning Derby hats, locally-made jewelry, and flattering dresses, Mamili also offers home decor, bath and body products, and menswear (so you can find your Derby date a tie that matches your dress!) “We carry a broad range of merchandise,” Melissa says. “We're kind of like a small department store, and our locally sourced merchandise offers a nice variety of pieces for our customers looking for unique items.” 


Mamili has only been in business for a short time, but they’re already right-at-home in NuLu. “I love the eclectic vibe of NuLu,” Melissa says. “The business owners are the best and are so welcoming to new businesses and to their customers. When we travel, we love to shop in areas like NuLu.”

Though Mamili is young, Melissa has big dreams for her small business! “I hope to build a profitable boutique that customers love, and in turn, I'd like to give back to the community because giving back to the community is the best service we can provide,” Melissa says. 

Whether you’re looking for a memorable Derby hat, a stunning dress, or a fun and flirty top, you can find everything you need to look your best at Mamili!


Mamili is one of the stops featured on the Nulu woman-owned walking tour, hosted by Woman-Owned Wallet


Signature of Amanda Dare, owner and founder of Woman-Owned Wallet


Visit Mamili's site here.

December 05, 2021 — Amanda Dougherty