One look at Hi-Five Doughnuts’ diverse and delectable menu is enough to make any customer “glaze” over in shock. With countless delicious options, including customizable donuts, it can be difficult to decide what to order. From shiny pink strawberry glaze to crunchy and colorful toppings like Fruity Pebbles and Rainbow “Sprankles,” Hi-Five has “dozens” of options to choose from. 

Hi-Five has been one of the most popular doughnut shops in Louisville for years now, so you’d probably be surprised to learn that both of its co-owners were far from the baking experts you’d expect them to be. “Neither one of us had any baking experience,” says Hi-Five co-owner, Leslie Wilson. “We got a recipe for dough and basic glaze, and off we went. Over the years we have tweaked it to what is now our signature glazes and ‘brioche’ style dough.”


Despite not having much baking experience at first, Leslie and her co-owner Annie Harlow have clearly found success with their gourmet doughnut business where all of their delicious treats are baked from scratch. With nearly 400 Google reviews and featured segments on national television, it’s obvious that Hi-Five has found booming success from customers all over the country. “Mind-blowing, game-changing donuts,” wrote one customer on Google. “The donuts are huge, and the donut breakfast sandwiches are EVEN BIGGER. They have a variety of flavors and change it up frequently, and they're all. so. good.”


With all that success, it’s hard to believe Leslie and Annie started their doughnut business with just $120 and a tent at the local Flea off Market. However, the dynamic duo achieved that success through a lot of hard work and dedication. “We worked really hard and eventually bought a food truck,” Leslie says. “We hustled another two years, then got our storefront.”

Even though they’ve achieved resounding success, Leslie, Annie, and the other employees at their shop still bring that dedication and work ethic to their business every day. “We work really hard,” Leslie says. “Our customers see us there everyday, and they appreciate that. They appreciate that we care about making them happy, and feeding them the best products we can make.”


Hi-Five Doughnuts is one of the stops featured on the Nulu woman-owned walking tour, hosted by Woman-Owned Wallet


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December 05, 2021 — Amanda Dougherty