If you’ve ever visited Graymarket Design, you know their products are much brighter and more colorful than the name implies. “I started Graymarket in 2013 after studying textile design and becoming fascinated with the handcrafted textiles I encountered on travels throughout India,” says Graymarket owner, Hallie Gray. “I am inspired by a minimal aesthetic, rich color stories grounded in neutrals, and the beautiful imperfections inherent in hand-crafted textile traditions.”

With richly colored fabric in shades like mustard, indigo, and olive, the beautiful accessories and homeware products sold at Graymarket are still versatile enough to match with any outfit or home decor. Because part of ethical fashion means creating pieces that can be worn and used for years to come, Graymarket’s products, including their popular scarves, robes, and quilts, are all designed to be modern, casual and high quality. “It's crazy how many hands and how much time goes into our products,” Hallie says. 


That time is definitely well-spent and that commitment to ethical fashion is just one of the many qualities that make Graymarket so special. The popular and beloved NuLu shop refuses to occupy that “gray” area between ethically made clothing and sweatshops. “We collaborate with a team of artisans in Jaipur, India, to have our original, hand-drawn designs printed in small batches, and work very closely with our team there throughout the year to develop fresh and beautiful products for your life and home,” Hallie says. “Our products are handcrafted with non-toxic dyes, and our collaboration with our workshop in India is helping to keep a traditional textile technique relevant today.”


After a successful six years in business, Hallie is looking forward to the next six years at Graymarket and what they may hold. Despite COVID temporarily closing her doors in 2020, Hallie still has big dreams for her small business. “We're excited to introduce new products, start a textile recycling program, and build our zero waste program,” Hallie says. “If I can keep my business going through COVID while being a full time stay at home mom, that will be our greatest achievement as a business!”

You can find a full selection of their available products in store or on their website! Plus, Hallie offers weekly flash sales through the Graymarket newsletter, so be sure to head to their website to sign up for emails!


Graymarket is one of the stops featured on the Nulu woman-owned walking tour hosted by Woman-Owned Wallet


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Visit Graymarket's site here.

December 05, 2021 — Amanda Dougherty