Sticker - Girls Just Want To Have Funds





Girls Just Want To Have Funds! So funny right?

This colorful sticker looks great and it has a very funny message, which makes everyone smile when they see you! If you're a girl and you like to have fun, if you enjoy shopping, caring for yourself and others, and having a good time, then this is for you! This sticker is themed around money and is perfect for anyone who loves money and loves girls.


  • WOW excellent Brand:  Girls Just Want To Have Funds Sticker is design, print, cut, by WOW brand.
  • Quality material: Our Stickers are made of quality materials that is super durable and water-resistant with a matte finish.
  • Perfect for personalizing your belongings: Let people notice you with our sticker "Girls Just Want To Have Funds" It is perfect to personalize your laptop or water bottle and more. Great decoration on any surface of home and office.
  • Easy to remove: This sticker is easy to remove without leaving residue and will not damage surfaces.
  • Great for a gift:  Let girls know you got their backs with this sticker - Girls Just Want To Have Funds! This sticker is fun, colorful and easy to apply. Great gift for students and teenagers.