Safety Alarm - Gold Sparkly Bow

$14.00 $28.00

PERSONAL SAFETY ALARM Super Loud Panic Alarm Charm & Led Safety Key Light

  • Piercing 115-Decibel Emergency Alarm Activates With A Push Of A Button
  • Led Key Light Illuminates Dark Doorways And Keyholes
  • Easily & Discreetly Accessorize Purses, Backpacks, And Key Rings
  • No Age Or Tsa Restrictions, Carry To School, Classrooms, Subways, Planes, Offices, Converts & Hospitals
  • Replaceable A23 Battery Included

BLINGSTING is for you, your best friend, your mom, your mom’s best friend, every girl, woman, and person! Our collective mission is to get safety accessories onto the keychains of every ‘girl’ in America. Discover why two million women love, trust, and carry BLINGSTING!

  • Canisters Expire. Order Refills Before The Expiration Date Printed On Your Canister.
  • State Laws With Shipping Restrictions: Ak, Dc, Hi, Ma & Ny
  • U.S. Design Patent No. D731,172
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