Kreative Kat Co

Marie Alaniz, Founder of Kreative Kat Co, specializes in creating amazing websites for women in real estate, helping them shine online and connect with their local community to win more clients. With her skills in web design, development, and SEO, she boosts their sphere of influence, making them top agents in their area. Starting as a cold caller in real estate, Marie knows the struggles agents face in getting steady leads. She saw how many missed out on online opportunities, so now she's passionate about using her tech talents to help these Home Hustlers excel in their field.

Scent Hippie

Scent Hippie, LLC is a minority female-owned, handmade business specializing in products that contain a variety of products ranging from vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free, carcinogen-free, mutagen-free and phthalate-free. We are located in Southern Indiana specializing in products meeting the needs of those who are a part of the earth-conscious community but still adore crafting products for people of all walks of life. Our brand name “Scent Hippie” comes from our beloved inspiration of the hippie movement. We value promoting a life of love, a life of peace, a life of happiness, and a life essentially supporting freedom. Our second inspiration for this brand was our divine attraction to nature which was our inspiration for the look and feel of this brand. Scent Hippie was started with the intention of spreading wellness to all. We first started making products for ourselves, now we enjoy sharing with our community. All of our products are handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and created with quality ingredients. We offer a wide range of beautiful scents, perfect for any space. We are continuously developing and researching blends of oils and innovative products that deliver exceptional results and maximize wellness benefits.

The concept of Scent Hippie started in 2020 by a college student looking to make an impact on the environment. Bree is a huge advocate for naturalistic living and offers a piece of her in all of her products she creates. She began experimenting with holistic soap and candle recipes for herself because she felt as if there was a lack of brands on the market that were truly interested in handcrafting holistic products from the heart that also manufactured products that were full of vital, high quality, and holistic ingredients for the benefit of their customers and the Earth. She started off by creating products for herself, friends, and family. She sold many products to her community and decided she wanted to expand her holistic talents. Bree wanted to create products that were good for the Earth as well as her customers. After years of research from books and hands on trial-and-error Scent Hippie, LLC was open to the public on March 26th, 2022, offering customers beautifully scented products from high quality ingredients. To this day Bree is continuously developing and researching blends of oils and innovative products that deliver exceptional results and maximize wellness benefits for her customers and integrating this into her product line.


PrideBox is a rainbow business with a goal to be the best one stop queer shop for all things LGBT+! We were struggling to find high quality, well-designed clothes, accessories, and gifts for our queer community, so we decided to create them ourselves. We create awesome products for 9 different LGBT+ identities and counting! We also have a feminist line with really cool hats, apparel, and art since we believe strongly in the power of women. The shop was founded by Brittany Rodriguez in January 2023 and is also run by her girlfriend Anna. 

signe-ture publishing

Signe-ture Publishing was founded by Signe Damron, a woman owned publisher and author. Simultaneously, Signe is actively engaged in establishing sustainable business practices by leveraging relationships with various partners within and beyond the creative industryEthics, including sustainability, are of utmost importance. Signe highly values the opportunity to foster greater creative freedoms in collaborations, distinguishing publishing endeavors from others in the industry. Signe-ture Publishing is based in Columbus, Ohio. 

The College Visit Journal

The College Visit Journal is a guided journal resource for high school students navigating the college admission process. I created this guided journal for high school students going on college tours. It's a resource that I did not have when I was going through the process and I wanted to make sure I created something that would provide high value, be low cost, and accessible to anyone who needs guidance throughout the college selection process. We all know someone who is a parent, has a family member going through the college selection process, or knows someone who is! The guided journal was written by Danielle Marshall in 2019 and is available in multiple Louisville, KY Carmichael's Bookstore locations, on Bookshop, and in Tall Tales Book Store in Atlanta, GA.

Kentucky Candle Co.

Kentucky Candle Co. was officially established in 2021 by Regan Miller. After years of crafting as a hobby, Regan decided to share her products with the world! All products are nontoxic to people and fur babies. Regan uses 100% natural soy wax, clean fragrance oils, and preservative free spray bases.  

KKC loves to give back to the community. They are open to discussing fundraising opportunities, wholesale, or to place custom orders. Kentucky Candle Co has booths inside Kentucky Area Peddlers Malls and markets. Find them in booth 221 of the Bardstown Peddlers Mall, the Local Lex Makers Market, and local boutiques all over Kentucky!

Sunblind Fine Art + Wearables

Sunblind Fine Art + Wearables features handmade polymer clay jewelry, pet portraits, event signage + more! Corie uses her background as a mental health therapist to channel that creativity and resilience into areas where we may not realize we need it!

She is inspired by childhood and quirkiness. Her biggest inspiration is the slightly weird teacher we all had in elementary school. The one who wore crazy socks, had frizzy hair and wore the biggest and best earrings (looking at you, Ms. Frizzel!). She always thought those teachers were SO cool and wanted to be just like them, so now she uses that air of silliness when designing and making her jewelry. The shop was founded by Corie Brangers in 2020 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Jiselle Made It.

Jiselle Made It has been in business for a year, but Jiselle has been designing and creating for a while. She creates laser cut and handmade items with bright colors geared towards women and children. The shop was founded by Jiselle Williams in 2022 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Indestruct1216 LLC

Indestruct1216 LLC is an online paper goods shop that specializes in crafting beautifully designed affirmation journals and notebooks that serve as more than just pages to write on – they are gateways to self-discovery, personal growth, and positivity.

Our carefully curated collection of affirmation journals and notebooks is tailored to inspire and uplift. Each page you turn, each word you write, is an opportunity to manifest your dreams, acknowledge your inner strength, and cultivate a positive mindset.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, both in terms of product design and the impact they can make on your life. We believe that the journey of self-improvement starts with self-affirmation, and our products are designed to be your trusted companions along the way.

Whether you're seeking to boost your self-confidence, overcome challenges, or simply want to create a habit of daily positivity, our affirmation journals and notebooks are here to help you on your path to personal transformation. The business was founded by Jaqueeta Warfield in (year founded) and is based in (city, state). 

Agricultural Matriarchy

Agricultural Matriarchy is a reclamation of women’s history, handicrafts, and connection to nature, expressed through art and drawings. Owners Casey George and Janna Wardle create whimsical, household objects, apparel, and home decor that remind them of where they come from and where they are going. Agricultural Matriarchy is based in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Sage Healing Collective

Sage Healing Collective is a local get-a-away for Fox Valley residents and a hometown destination for visiting guests, with 11 private treatment rooms, natural nail care studio, spacious couples massage suite, yoga & meditation studios, HaloIR Sauna, and a head-to-toe Apothecary & retail boutique featuring goods crafted by local makers. Sage practitioner’s specialize in holistic, hands-on medicine, mostly organic & results driven skincare, wild-crafted nail care, traditional & cosmetic acupuncture, relaxation or therapeutic bodywork, yoga & stretch therapies, aerial yoga, and a variety of unique healing therapies. The company was founded by Dr Emily Loveland in 2009 and is based in Saint Charles, IL. 

Fbombs & Booze

Fbombs & Booze has been in business for 6 years. We make drink ware for the woman that cusses, drinks too much, enjoys a nightly drink, and has zero fucks left to give.