Photo of two women smiling and looking at wall shelves with sales counter and tagline that reads "Putting money in the wallets of women"


Did you know that April is Financial Literacy Month?

That means it’s the perfect time to talk all things money! Well, let’s be real, we’re always talking about money here at Woman-Owned Wallet, but this is a great time to dive deeper on a subject that can seem scary to so many!

Far too often, women are left out of conversations about money. Those conversations on how to make money, how to spend money, and how to feel about money… Conversations about investing money, using money as a tool, creating generational wealth…

But Woman-Owned Wallet wants to change things. We want to help narrow the money gap by empowering women to create and maintain smart money habits!

The first step is to just get comfortable talking about money, which is why we always try to keep the conversation going on how to put money in the wallets of women! One place to turn for open and honest money conversations is Woman-Owned Wallet: The Podcast. Our podcast is a space for women to learn about money without being intimidated. We make the money talk FUN! Episodes of the podcast feature money memoirs and actionable strategies from host Amanda Dare. Amanda sits down with her amazing guests, who are all women who have learned how to put more money in their wallets, as they share their knowledge with you!

If you want some other resources to help you learn about money, we keep our WOW Library stocked with lots of great books that teach women about making money, spending money, and more! The WOW Library can be shopped here – or come visit us in the shop to pick up your books in person!

Another great action you can take is understanding the importance of your dollar. Where you shop, where you invest, and what you buy matters! That’s why it’s so important to support women-owned businesses, especially small, local businesses! 

Did you know that women-owned businesses in the US create $2.7 trillion in annual revenue?! (1)

Plus, since the pandemic, women have been driving the economic recovery in the US! Isn’t that amazing?! Look at us go!

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, the majority of women-owned businesses are classified as “micro-businesses,” which means they employ fewer than 50 people. (2) These women-owned micro-businesses are providing a large percentage of family income for many! As a woman-owned micro-business ourselves, we love seeing the way these small, women-led businesses are thriving and making a difference. But we also know the struggles that can come with running your own business!

While it’s so inspiring to see women succeeding in business and boosting the economy, there are also many barriers women face when running a business. Lack of educational opportunities, resources, and capital opportunities can sometimes hold women back. That’s especially true here in Louisville, where the Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN metropolitan-statistical area was ranked in the bottom five MSAs for women-owned businesses in 2023. (3)

This is even more reason why we, as women, need to educate ourselves and get financially literate so we can break down the barriers in our way! We also need to feel confident talking about money and using our money as a powerful tool so we can continue putting money in our individual wallets and the wallets of the women around us.

We hope you’ll join us in using the rest of Financial Literacy Month to keep on learning so we can get that money in our wallets!

Cheers, babes!

xoxo, WOW Team