uniquely handmade small-batch jewelry from louisville, ky.

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about us 

Sunblind Fine Art + Wearables features handmade polymer clay jewelry, pet portraits, event signage + more! Corie uses her background as a mental health therapist to channel that creativity and resilience into areas where we may not realize we need it!

She is inspired by childhood and quirkiness. Her biggest inspiration is the slightly weird teacher we all had in elementary school. The one who wore crazy socks, had frizzy hair and wore the biggest and best earrings (looking at you, Ms. Frizzel!). She always thought those teachers were SO cool and wanted to be just like them, so now she uses that air of silliness when designing and making her jewelry. The shop was founded by Corie Brangers in 2020 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. 


Our mission is to create a business and line of jewelry that forces us to slow down, appreciate the cutesy things and heal our inner child.

who we serve

Our products are for women/femmes, men who wear jewelry, age 18-45, feminists, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

our products

  • Handmade jewelry
  • Pet portraits/commissioned paintings
  • Event signage

how to shop with us

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