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about us

Scent Hippie, LLC is a minority female-owned, handmade business specializing in products that contain a variety of products ranging from vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free, carcinogen-free, mutagen-free and phthalate-free. We are located in Southern Indiana specializing in products meeting the needs of those who are a part of the earth-conscious community but still adore crafting products for people of all walks of life. Our brand name “Scent Hippie” comes from our beloved inspiration of the hippie movement. We value promoting a life of love, a life of peace, a life of happiness, and a life essentially supporting freedom. Our second inspiration for this brand was our divine attraction to nature which was our inspiration for the look and feel of this brand. Scent Hippie was started with the intention of spreading wellness to all. We first started making products for ourselves, now we enjoy sharing with our community. All of our products are handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and created with quality ingredients. We offer a wide range of beautiful scents, perfect for any space. We are continuously developing and researching blends of oils and innovative products that deliver exceptional results and maximize wellness benefits.

The concept of Scent Hippie started in 2020 by a college student looking to make an impact on the environment. Bree is a huge advocate for naturalistic living and offers a piece of her in all of her products she creates. She began experimenting with holistic soap and candle recipes for herself because she felt as if there was a lack of brands on the market that were truly interested in handcrafting holistic products from the heart that also manufactured products that were full of vital, high quality, and holistic ingredients for the benefit of their customers and the Earth. She started off by creating products for herself, friends, and family. She sold many products to her community and decided she wanted to expand her holistic talents. Bree wanted to create products that were good for the Earth as well as her customers. After years of research from books and hands on trial-and-error Scent Hippie, LLC was open to the public on March 26th, 2022, offering customers beautifully scented products from high quality ingredients. To this day Bree is continuously developing and researching blends of oils and innovative products that deliver exceptional results and maximize wellness benefits for her customers and integrating this into her product line.


Our mission is to craft products that embody genuine care.
Bree felt a void—a scarcity of brands genuinely interested in handcrafting holistic products filled with vital, high-quality, and holistic ingredients. This void inspired her to delve into the art of creating soaps and candles that not only benefited the customers but also nurtured the Earth. This experimentation wasn't just a creative pursuit; it was a response to a genuine need for products that resonated with authenticity and a true connection to well-being.

who we serve

Our products are for all!

Scent Hippie believes in inclusivity, therefore we do believe in sharing wellness with all walks of life. Because we are a candle company, we find our products are generally more popular around women ages 18-45 but we do also sell plenty of products to other demographics given we incorporate unique fragrance blends in our products.

our products

  • are fragranced with our signature three-tiered fragrance layering system (classified as top, middle, and base on our candle labels) to promote a well-rounded, balanced, sophisticated, and mature aroma. Our three-tiered fragrance layering system is not made in three psychical layers but instead infused into one another creating a harmonious blend like no other.
  • are made by an African American woman specializing in vegan, cruelty-free, carcinogen-free, mutagen-free, phthalate-free, and toxin-free scented products.
  • are handcrafted from virgin coconut soy wax offering an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative in comparison to soy wax all while promoting a cleaner burn.

how to shop with us

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