Collage of 3 images. First image is woman biting into a chocolate covered donut while balancing two donuts on her head. Second image is a mockup of a purple candle and the product packaging. Third image is a digital graphic of a juice container featuring two oranges and the words "creative juice" on the front. 
make your brand mouthwatering

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about madkind

Madkind Design Studio is a vibrant brand development studio that specializes in kickass creative solutions for food, beverage, and lifestyle brands. We help you craft a damn good story for your brand through branding, web design, print + digital design, and packaging design. The studio, founded by Madison Fields in 2020, is based in Louisville, KY and offers services remotely to brands across the country.


At Madkind Design, our mission is provide a continuum of creative services at an affordable investment to small businesses and startups that dream of being the next obsession-worthy brands in their industries. Our goal is to become your in-house creative team by offering quick turn-around times, opportunities for ongoing collaboration, and high-touch brand support.

who we serve

We love working with woman-owned businesses in the food, beverage, and lifestyle industries that have funky, vibrant, creative brands and serve millennial and gen-z audiences.

our services

  • Branding: brand strategy, identity design, creative direction
  • Web design: Shopify, ShowIt, and Squarespace
  • Collateral: social media and digital marketing design, print and merch design, product label and packaging design, etc.

how to book

Want to hire Madkind Design? Fill out our project application and we will be in touch!

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