reclaiming our past. reimagining our future.
“beside every great woman is another great woman.”- there. we fixed it.

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about us

Agricultural Matriarchy is a reclamation of women’s history, handicrafts, and connection to nature, expressed through art and drawings. Owners Casey George and Janna Wardle create whimsical, household objects, apparel, and home decor that remind them of where they come from and where they are going. Agricultural Matriarchy is based in Louisville, Kentucky. 


Our mission is to make everyday objects that remind us of the past, celebrating traditional, women’s handicraft, community, and connection to nature.

who we serve

Our products are for those who truly see and support females, their journeys, the issues that affect them, and also their sustained abilities to make our world more beautiful such as through handicrafts and gardening.

our products

  • RBG Dissent Collar Sweatshirt
  • Country Queens Tumbler
  • Yarrow Print

how to shop with us

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