Get ready to meet an OG NuLu business! That’s right, Zephyr Gallery has been in NuLu before the neighborhood even had its funky, blended name. 

Zephyr was established 35 years ago, making it one of the oldest art venues in Louisville. After moving around a bit, they settled on their current location on E. Market back in 1997. 


The artists who formed Zephyr were on a mission to create an art gallery run by Kentucky visual artists for Kentucky regional visual artists, and they’re still living out that mission today!  

Zephyr even started a corporate art program to encourage local businesses to create art collections. They lend the businesses art of their choosing and Zephyr goes into their spaces to display it. The program is still in effect today and provides art to several prominent corporations here in Louisville.

Zephyr is known for their collection of original paintings, photography, and drawings by Kentucky regional artists, so if you have a passion for art and love supporting local artists, head to Zephyr Gallery and find a piece that speaks to you.

Graphic that says "Woman-Owned Over Everything" with Amanda Dare's signature. Amanda is the founder and CEO of Woman-Owned Wallet.

Visit the Zephyr Gallery website here.