Pink is the color of love, friendship, and femininity, and it’s also the color of the prettiest shop in town! The Woman-Owned Wallet feminist gift shop’s pretty pink walls provide the ultimate welcoming experience for every fierce feminist. “We feature over 40 woman-owned brands in the shop!” says owner, Amanda Dare. “We have a constantly changing aray of options for you to check out and get that sassy feminist gift. Other shops have some of what we have, but you can't find any store like WOW. Full-out feminist vibes all the time!"


If you love woman-owned businesses but have trouble finding them on your own, WOW did all the work for you. The gorgeous gift shop exclusively features woman-owned brands that are sassy, bold, and fearlessly feminist! But the shop is more than just a fun place to pick up your favorite feminist goodies: it’s also the headquarters for the Woman-Owned Wallet Tour, a NuLu walking tour that introduces shoppers to all of the amazing woman-owned businesses the neighborhood has to offer. “When I moved into the neighborhood, I knew there were a lot of women-owned businesses,” Amanda says. “When I learned that there were over 35 woman-owned businesses, I was shocked that there wasn't a way to visit them all or even a directory or story about how NuLu has become a woman-owned business haven.”

With that knowledge in mind, Amanda set out to create the first woman-owned business walking tour in Louisville! “I decided that since I was already known for selling exclusively woman-owned products and empowering women through my fashion brand, The New Blak, that I would be a good organizer for a walking tour, and I worked with graphic designers to make the first WOW map.”


But just after the WOW map launched, so did COVID-related shutdowns. When Amanda noticed her fellow women-owned businesses struggling, she decided the WOW map alone wouldn’t be enough to help sustain them. “So I rented a space in the center of NuLu to help spread the word about the women-owned businesses in the area,” Amanda says. “I decided to open a gift shop where customers could shop exclusively from woman-owned independent artists and brands. Customers love knowing that when they shop with WOW their money goes directly to the wallet of a woman.”

Along with the mission of supporting woman artists and entrepreneurs, customers also love that they can connect with Amanda as well as other woman shoppers. “I love to see friends bring other friends into the shop!” says Amanda. “It’s like Galentine's Day every day!”


Woman-Owned Wallet, a woman-owned marketplace and the host of the woman-owned walking tour


Signature of Amanda Dare, owner and founder of Woman-Owned Wallet

December 05, 2021 — Amanda Dougherty