Revelry Boutique may be local to Louisville, but there’s nothing small about this small business! In fact, Revelry owner, Mo McKnight Howe, wrote over $500,000 worth of checks to local artists last year alone. “When you purchase something from Revelry, 100% is going back into our local economy - you are supporting both a small business and a local artist,” Mo says.

When you walk into Revelry, you’re surrounded by beautiful and unique products that are made right here in Louisville. That means when you purchase something from Revelry, like one of their iconic dinosaur succulents or a fun spiral chandelier, your money will always go back to local artists. “Our products are handmade, local, and awesome!” says Mo. “If you buy one of our products, you are supporting someone in our community.”


When Mo struggled to find a gallery that would feature her art because she wasn’t “established” enough, she decided she would open her own gallery for emerging artists that exclusively featured locally-made products. While some shops feature a mixture of local and mass-produced items, everything at Revelry is local and unique. “There was a tremendous need in the community for places to show and support local artists, without mixing them in with ‘made in China’ inventory,” Mo says. Have we established that Revelry is all about locally-made products? Good, because that’s what makes the boutique a perfect fit for NuLu! “The ever-changing landscape of Nulu has been incredible to watch and be a part of over the past 6 years.” Mo says. “What I love most about Nulu though is that it has the highest concentration of small businesses in the city. Keep Nulu local!”


The welcoming environment of Revelry also makes it the perfect place to find your new favorite work of art. “Revelry's mission is to support Kentucky's creative economy and to keep art accessible for all,” Mo says. Everyone from casual admirers to art connoisseurs can come together at Revelry where the art-buying experience is made fun and comfortable!

With such a large community of artists, there’s always a reason to visit Revelry! Whether it’s a painting of your favorite celebrity or a stunning handblown drinking glass, Revelry has something for everybody. “We are constantly keeping things fresh in the store,” Mo says. “We work with each one of our 150 artists to ensure that products are going to be successful. Every time you come to Revelry or our website, there is something new. We work very hard on that!”


Revelry is one of the stops on the Nulu woman-owned tour, hosted by Woman-Owned Wallet.


Signature of Amanda Dare, owner and founder of Woman-Owned Wallet.

Visit the Revelry Boutique + Gallery website here.

December 05, 2021 — Amanda Dougherty