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WOW World is a place for women like you who want to build relationships with other ambitious women, get involved in the woman-owned community, and find resources that will allow you to create a life that makes you say, wow! This network of badass women is for both personal and business connections locally + beyond.

Two women sitting in a vintage chair smiling at each other whole holding rotary phones up to their ears. Both are wearing a white shirt with colorful design that says "1-800-block-his-number". Photoshoot for Woman-Owned Wallet, a feminist gift shop.
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It's hard to make friends as an adult y'all - we get it! Forming genuine connections with other amazing women like yourself just got easier with WOW World.

We have worked hard to surround ourselves with a community of women who are bold, creative, and inspiring. Now, we are opening up our network to you!

As a member of WOW World, you'll be able to join in on the fun through online and in-person events and cultivate new connections that will make you say WOW!

Woman with black hair and glasses is looking at the camera and smiling while holding 3 candle jars in her arms. She is wearing neon yellow hoop earrings and a bright pink sweater set. Photoshoot for Woman-Owned Wallet, a feminist gift shop in Louisville
post and find jobs at woman-owned businesses

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Tired of working in a job where you're constantly being mansplained to over and over again? Us too! Have no fear, there is no room for Mansplainers allowed in the WOW World.

We also know that hiring in today's world is a bit of an art. You want to hire women that represent your brand, add value to your team, and, most importantly, take pride in + love their job!

As a member of WOW World, you'll be able to hire and be hired at woman-owned businesses through our WOW Directory and Classifieds. Discover the magic that lies in working alongside women!

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Hey Biz Bestie! Have you expired all forms of marketing and now find yourself struggling to reach new clientele?

As a member of WOW World, you'll gain access to a whole new audience of women through our online and in-person fempowered events, podcasting sponsorships, live interviews, and short-form video content about your brand.

Our successful marketing strategies will be sure to grow your own community, improve your brand visibility, and add more $$$ to your wallets!

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We are thrilled to welcome you into our world, where women rule everything around us. For years, we have been cultivating connections between women who love to support one another, and now we're finally opening up our network to you!

WOW World is full of opportunities that each individual member and business can utilize in order to put more money into the wallets of women, including your own!

WOW World Member Perks:

- connect + collaborate with amazing women
- hire women in our woman-owned directory
- find job opportunities at woman-owned businesses
- promote your biz through WOW Media
- learn about finances through our podcast + courses
- attend online + in-person events featuring interviews from entrepreneurial women
- discover your new favorite woman-owned businesses
- and so much more!

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personal membership

WOW World is a place for women to connect, network and find resources to help create a life that makes you say, wow! Within the community, you'll be able to discover woman-owned businesses in our directory, find job opportunities in our classifieds, and complete educational courses to help you foster a healthy relationship with your wallet. Plus you can learn about upcoming community events, shop from woman-owned brands, and of course meet like-minded, badass women!

business membership

Calling all business babes! Are you tired of promoting your business through traditional avenues and looking for a new way to get your business seen? WOW World is here to help you shake things up. With a business membership, you can promote your company in our woman-owned directory, post jobs in our classifieds, and keep members up to date on upcoming events. Let us help you expand your reach + forge relationships between your business and potential customers!