S3, EP 30 | Letting Go of Judgements with Melissa Blandford

Do you struggle with perfectionism or the fear of being judged? If you do, you’re not alone! On today’s episode Amanda & Melissa discuss practical steps towards releasing judgements and the freedom that comes from it. 

S3, EP 28 | The Wonder of Possibility with Melissa Blandford

Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't- you're right".  When it comes to changing your mindset sometimes it's as simple as taking the step to say "it's possible" before what you believe to be true. Tune in as Amanda and Melissa discuss the importance of daydreaming in possibility for the growth of your business or money journey.

S2, E12 | Fear of Success with Melissa Blandford

You’ve probably heard of overcoming the fear of failure, but what about the fear of success? After you’ve come to terms with the fact that you have to be willing to fail, you might still find yourself looking for ways to deal with the fear of success. Tune in as Amanda and Melissa share the best tips for letting go of the fears that are holding you back.
May 05, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

S2, E10 | Feast vs. Famine with Melissa Blandford

We’ve all experienced those feast or famine months. You know how it goes– one month you’re experiencing all the money struggles at once, the next you get a little extra cash and feel on top of the world. If that sounds familiar, this is the episode for you! Tune in as everyone’s favorite Money Mindset Coach, Melissa Blandford, discusses how to balance out those months to minimize stress and actually enjoy the fruits of your labor.
May 05, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

S2, E8 | Making Simple Money with Melissa Blandford

Are you one of those people who just isn’t good with money? We get it! Money can seem really difficult. But Money Mindset Coach Melissa has some wisdom to drop on you: just because money isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it can’t be simple. Yep, you read that right! Tune in to hear Amanda and Melissa discuss how to release the pressure valve and make your money journey less difficult. 

S2, E6 | Embracing the Uncomfortable Money Moments

Money Mindset coach Melissa Blandford is here to discuss the bad vibes. (Yep, you read that right). Money mistakes happen and we’re here to be real about them! Tune in to hear Amanda and Melissa discuss those uncomfortable money moments to help you address them so you can alleviate your money stress and live your best life!
April 22, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

Bonus Episode | Be the CFO of Your Finances

Have you been wondering where your money is going? No matter how much you earn, it just seems to slip through your fingers. It's time to take control of your personal finances. In today's episode of WOW, my money mindset coach, Melissa Blandford is sharing her story and tips on how to master your own fate by being the CFO of your finances and your life.
April 22, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

S1, E10 | Active Gratitude

Gratitude is very important in upgrading your money mindset, but there are more ways to be grateful aside from giving thanks for things you have. In today's episode of Woman-Owned Wallet: The Podcast, my money mindset coach, Melissa, shares how to deepen our gratitude. This is not your normal “write down 10 things to be grateful for” so make sure to tune in!
April 22, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

S1, E8 | Creating Certainty and Confidence with Money

Have you found yourself thinking that you don't have enough? Enough money, time or resources? You want more of this and more of that without realizing that you have all the things you need? I’ve been there and understand how you feel, but don't worry, I got you! In today's episode of WOW, my money coach Melissa shares tips on how to have more confidence around money. I also share how I became more confident with my money through following Melissa's advice and doing the inner work. You don't want to miss this episode! 
April 22, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

S1, E6 | Flow with Your Finances

We grew up in environments where we are told to either save or spend all of our money. Should you be saving money or spending it? Is there a healthy mix of two? In today's WOW minisode, I am joined by my money mindset coach, Melissa, and we share a snippet of our coaching session about saving versus spending money. 
April 22, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

S1, E2 | Reframe Your Mindset Around Debt

Hey friends! I am so excited for you to listen to this episode. Have you been feeling guilty or ashamed about your debt? Feeling less worthy because you have debt? Today on the WOW Podcast, my money mindset coach, Melissa Blandford, joins me and shares how you can reframe your perspective around debt. I also share how my debt paved the way for the success of my business.
April 22, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty