April 18, 2022

Sometimes it’s good to be a little naive! Cat Mac Dowall, the owner of Naive Kitchen + Bar, discusses her journey from working at a dive restaurant and racking up credit card debt to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

Cat is one of our wonderful NuLu neighbors and we’re thrilled to have her “healthy-ish,” vegetable-forward, west-coast-inspired restaurant on our Woman-Owned Walking Tour. 

Voted Best Lunch in Louisville and Best Restaurant in Butchertown, Naive is one of Louisville’s most popular restaurants, so be sure to tune in to hear how Cat made it flourish!

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Connect with Cat on Instagram: @EatNaive

Podcast edited and engineered by Kuzko Belliard. You can reach him at kuzkoproductions.com or IG @chef.kuzko

April 22, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty