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about us 

Sub SupportHer empowers women to work smarter, not harder with a focus on actionable steps and strategies to implement that move your business forward. The business was founded by Laura Kockler and is based in Illinois.


Sub SupportHer's mission is to be a resource, advocate, and ally in helping women launch, scale, and succeed in their small businesses while working towards sustaining & increasing the impact women have in business and throughout society.

who we serve

Our ideal client is the busy subscription box or e-commerce female founder looking for someone who will grow with her business. She needs someone to strategize with and provide honest, hands-on help within her business that is easy to implement.

our services

  •  The Advisory Monthly Membership - for the mostly DIY founder looking for support, accountability, and resources and templates to implement in their business.
  •  Individualized Packages for more personalized, high-tough attention on business strategy, email marketing, storytelling, and content creation.
  •  Fulfillment Service - the first and only fulfillment center exclusively for women-owned subscription boxes and e-commerce brands. We are flipping the traditional male-dominated fulfillment industry with no minimums, no hidden fees, no kidding!

how to work with us

Want to hire Sub SupportHer? Head to our website to schedule a discovery call or e-mail us directly!