we offer drink mixers created to enhance your beverage game and make anyone a mixologist.

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about us

Louisville Shrubology is a mixologist's dream! Shrubs, also known as drinking vinegars, are basically concentrated fruit & vinegar syrups. We offer 5 "house" shrub flavors and try to also offer 1-2 special editions to match the season or our whim! We also do custom flavors for our restaurant clients and events. Our mixers are all natural, no artificial colors or flavors. The business was founded by Sandy Trayner in 2022 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. 


Our mission is to provide a better option for drink mixers with an all-natural product.

who we serve

Our products are for everyone. Since our product is non-alcoholic and all natural, they work for all ages and are a hit with sober clients.

our products

  • are shelf stable and last a year + in the fridge
  • can be used in cooking and baking
  • concentrated and one bottle can make 12-25 drinks

how to shop with us

Want to shop with Louisville Shrubology? Head to our website to find your new favorite products!