Pill Box - Ice Blue Shimmer


Finally, a practical 7-day pill case that helps you organize your vitamins and medications ✨in style.✨ 

The metallic foil design says exactly what we all need to hear, surrounded by adorable illustrated pills, sparkles, and faces. You may notice, among all the adorable capsules, there are tiny happy AND sad pills. Human bodies are pretty whack, and sometimes the stuff you're taking meds for totally sucks. 💩 We want to acknowledge that. Whatever you're going through, physically and mentally, you're a BADASS💪, and a BEAUTIFUL HUMAN🌹, and we're proud of you for taking care of yourself!!! ✨🥰✨⁠⠀

  • Metallic foil stamped design (gold or black foil)
  • Vegan leather with zipper
  • Inner plastic case with 7 sparkle-adorned containers
  • Small fabric pocket inside! We use it for bandaids or Lactaid capsules!
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